creative ministries

MSC's Creative Ministries enhance how we communicate the gospel of Christ and the mission of Mercy Street Church. Our creative ministries are made up of worshippers - people of God responding to His goodness through the arts. The teams range from audio/visual, worship, to graphic design and events. 



Worship is based on an understanding of who God is and recognizing what He has done for us. To truly worship, we must respond to what is revealed to us about God in His word. Our worship team is comprised of gifted musicians, vocalists and audio/visual specialists. 



The greatest story ever told is Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. In response to the grace we have received, we strive to communicate His story through various mediums and platforms. We focus on graphic and visual design, photography, cinematography, social media, and written word.



We are not an events driven church but recognize the importance of celebration through gathering. As with all our creative ministries, our events are a response to the Gospel. MSC special events and gatherings focus on engaging the community and equipping the local church to be healthy disciple makers.   

interested in serving with one or more of our Creative ministries? 

Fill out the form below and one of our Creative Ministries leaders will be in touch soon. No experience is required, however, a willingness to learn, be receptive to feedback and be held accountable is necessary as a servant at MSC.

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